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Juicer machines Juicer machines Juicer machines
The STRONGEST juicers The FASTEST juicers With self cleaning system


Zumoval juicer machines. The best taste full of vitamins!





Quality juicers

Zumoval automatic juicers are the strongest, most reliable and most durable juicers on the market. Zumoval is the only manufacturer in the world that equips it´s automatic orange juicers with gears of steel and a 0.75hp motor.


Exclusive squeezing system for the best juice

The exclusive open rotative squeezing system is a unique system, which enables us to extract the highest amount of juice, without touching the peel of the fruit.

Only the fresh juice is extracted as our unique system avoids extracting essential oils and acids.

As a result our machines offer a tasteful, high quality and vitamin-rich juice.

If oranges could choose, they would choose Zumoval.


Customized solution

Do you have a bar, coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, fitness club, fruit store and you want to sell fresh orange juice? Zumoval has the perfect juice solution for your business. We can help you choosing the correct machine that will give your business a fruity boost.