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The strongest juicers Zumoval juicers are the strongest on the market with heavy duty motors and gears manufactured from stainless steel.
The fastest juicers Our equipment is the fastest on the market (uo to 200 litres per hour).
Self cleaning shower system More hygienic juicers with our unique Self cleaning shower system and fully isolated juicing area avoiding any ingress of exterior elements (dirt, insects, etc.)
Self service On/Off tap Self service On/Off tap available on all models. The easy-to-use automatic tap is connected directly to the motor of the machine. Open the tap and the machine starts running. Close the tap and the machine stops.
small citrics Zumoval has additional squeezing kits for small citrus fruits between 40-60 mm and 50-70 mm. These kits are suitable for the Basic, BigBasic Top and FastTop.

Internationalization Plan

The project PLAN DE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN ZUMOVAL 2017 number ITAPIN / 2017/541 has been financed by the Program of Assistance to the Plans of Internationalization of the SMEs of the “Comunitat Valenciana” and co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.

Zumoval has successfully achieved its international consolidation plans for 2017 with the reinforcement our presence in strategic international markets and the achievement of commercial targets. The awarded grant amounts to € 12,376.65

Citrus JuicersAutomatic orange Juicer machines

Choose an automatic orange juicer machine according to your needs. Zumoval offers the widest range of equipment. You can choose between a counter top model, designed to be placed directly on the counter of a cafeteria, bar, or restaurant, or a model on a wheeled stainless steel stand, which can me moved easily. Subsequently you can add options such as: Self service tap, Self cleaning shower system, Big Capacity juice filter, juice level detector and orange counter. Zumoval has the perfect machine for you.



FastjuiceJuice extractors

Zumoval has two different types of high Quality juice extractors. Our juice extractors are the perfect solution for extracting juice of vegetables and fruits. The main characteristics of our extractors are its speed, yield, robustness and compact size.




The Zumoval Kiosk is an attractive orange form, made of fiberglass which is equipped with wheels, power and water supply and a drainage stack. Opening and closing is easy because of the hydraulic open-close system. Without any doubt, the Zumoval Kiosk is a perfect extension of the actual Zumoval range which will be able to fulfill the needs of the clients that wants to offer fresh juice in public areas, events and malls.



Stainless steel bottle rackStainless steel bottle rack

The perfect solution for buffets and self-service places where juice is supplied in bottles, but also in glasses. Available up to four trays, allowing the location of bottles and glasses of different shapes and sizes. Our bottle rack does not need to be attached to the juicer machine as it is placed on the floor, allowing then a higher capacity and better location due to its versatility.