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Zumoval in the world
Automatic citrus juicers
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ZUMOVAL, citrus juicers

Zumoval, S.L. established in 1991, is the leading international manufacturer of high quality automatic juicer machines for the hotel, catering and retail sector. Our machines can squeeze any type of citrus fruit, such as oranges, Lemons, limes, grapefruits and pomegranates with a diameter from 40 to 95 mm.


Our carefully developed extraction system, extracts the maximum amount of juice out of the fruits, without touching the the peel of the fruit. The result is a high quality, hygienic and fresh juice.


Our machines are well known for it´s high quality, durability and innovation. Our latest innovation, the automatic shower makes our machines unique. This system enables to clean the machine with just one push on a button.


Our orange juicer machines can be found all over the world in more than 80 countries in hotels, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, juicebars, supermarkets etc.