Fast with automatic feeder

The perfect solution for places with medium up to high consumption: Coffee shops, Bars, Cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants, Juice bars

Tecnical characteristics

28 oranges per minute

Feeder capacity
18kg (24kg optional)
40 lbs (53 lbs optional)

Waste bin
18 kg
40 lbs

Fruit diameter
65-80 mm
45-60 mm (optional)

48 kg
105,8 lbs

0.55 kw

4,1 / 3,7 A

62 cm x 50 cm x 99 cm
24,4” x 19,7” x 38,9”

Stainless steel gears
Aluminium carter

Digital 3.0

Orange & Black
Silver & Black


Proximity detectors

MYSS Squeezing system
Maximum yield squeezing
system without touching
the peel

Premium Quality


The Top has an automatic feeding capacity of 18 Kgs. For high consumption, a 24 XL feeder basket is available. Just feed the feeder and start squeezing.

The coverscreen of the Top exists out of 1 piece which is easy to remove and easy to clean. The coverscreen is made of tritan, which is a very strong and resistant material.

The Top is equipped with a feeder tube which is totally closed, so that no flies or other dirt from outside can enter into the machine. The tube is easy to dismantle and easy to clean .

The Top is equipped with a user friendly digital screen 3.0, which includes: fruit counter, operating mode (continuous our discontinuous), fruit selector, protection, energy saving, easy dismantling mode, automatic cleaning and peel bucket indicator.

The Top has a double waste bin capacity of 18 kg. The Digital 3.0 screen, will inform you when you have to empty the waste bin once it is full with peels.

The Top is equipped with a 0.75 Hp motor. As a result, The Top is one of the strongest and most robust machines on the market.

The machine is totally maintenance free, easy to dismantle and easy to clean in less than 5 minutes.


The Top is available in a modern silver color. The back cover, feeder basket, and waste bins will be in silver color instead of orange color.
The Top can be equipped with our new improved self cleaning shower system, which exists of 2 high pressure water outlets enable a quick and intense cleaning of the squeezing part, keeping the machine hygienic at any time. Additionally it saves cleaning time.
Our XL feeder basket has been specially designed for places with high consumption. The feeder can be filled with 24kg of oranges.
Zumoval has 2 types of feeder tube avalable for the Top. The plastic hermetically closed feeder tube or the stainless steel feeder tube. Choose the feeder tube that bests suits you.
The stainless steel self service tap is specially designed for self service, all day long. By opening the tap, the machine starts squeezing and by closing the tap the machine stops. By turning around the handle of the tap, you can choose between continuous or discontinuous filling.
The pulp-out filter allows you to eliminate seeds and pulp by just sliding the pulp out sweeper to the side. In a second the filter is clean.
This options comes together with the stainless steel self service tap, allowing you to fill cups and bottles by just opening and closing the tap.
The pulp-out stand is the ultimate stand for supermarkets allowing you to wipe the seeds directly into the waste bin inside the stand. It has been develloped for places where a large amount of cups or bottles are filled by the owner or the customer.
The self service stand is the perfect stand for self service when consumption is medium to high.
With it’s 5 liter storage, our dispenser stand will be able to offer you freshly squeezed juice without having to wait.
The cooled dispenser stand has a 7 liter dispenser, which is cooled by a device allowing you to regulate the temperature. It provides you the whole day freshly squeezed juice ready to drink when you want.
The Counter adapter is the solution for places where bottles have to be filled by the customer. The machine will be 20 cm higher so that bottles up to 0.5 liter will fit below the tap.


Bottle Stand

Our 2-way bottle stand is the total solution for self service applications. Our stand can be placed on both sides of the juicer machine. Up to 3 bottle trays can be included for small, medium and large bottles.

Small squeezing kit

Kit S
Perfect to squeeze small fruits such as small oranges, limes and tangerines with a diameter from 45-60 mm.

Bottle Holder

The Zumoval bottle holder is fixed to the stainless steel self service tap. It allows the customers to operate the machine with one hand, without having to hold the bottle.

Water Pump System

It does not matter if the juicer with a self-cleaning shower system does not have a nearby water supply, our equipment has an optional kit that allows automatic shower to be used autonomously incorporating a system which equips a 20-liter tank and a pump with a capacity to inject 5 liters per minute.


+ Stainless steel self service tap

+ Pulp-Out filter & Stainless steel self service tap

+ Stainles steel self service tap
+ Counter adapter

+ Pulp-Out filter & Stainles steel self service tap
+ Counter adapter

+ Pulp-Out filter & Stainles steel self service tap
+ Counter adapter

+ Pulp-Out filter & Stainles steel self service tap
+ Pulp-Out stand

+ Dispenser stand

+ Cooled dispenser stand

+ Stainless steel self service tap
+ Self service stand