Big FastJuice

Big FastJuice

Fast and Robust for high demand


Quantity of juice
Up to 75%


230V / 50 Hz

3.000 rpm

Hourly production
130 Kg
286 lbs

Net weight
20 Kg
44 lbs

Gross weight
23 Kg
51 lbs

50 cm x 26 cm
19,6” x 10,2”



The Big Fastjuice is the most advanced juice extractor on the market. It is the perfect machine for making continuously smoothies, cocktails, soups, and other juices.


The Big Fastjuice is a very robust and compact machine and can be placed on any counter. The machine is 23 kg and has a housing made of steel, which makes the machine the most robust machine on the world.


The Big Fastjuice is a completely maintenance.


The BigFastjuice turns at 3000 rpm resulting in a very high yield. The machine has a very strong 800 watt motor.

The feeding hole is 77 mm, which means that you can put entire fruits into the machine without having to cut them in different pieces.

The Machine is very easy and quick to clean in less than 5 min.

The juice extractor has a safety mechanism which means that the machine only operates when the cover is properly closed.

There is no need to clean the machine in between juices. Just juice a small piece of lemon and the previous flavour and color will be taken away.

All parts that are in contact with the juice are made of stainless steel and can be placed in the dishwasher.