Why Zumoval


27 years on the market.

Gears and motor
All models are equipped with one of the strongest motors on the market, a 0.75 Hp motor, resulting in a clean squeezing movement. All of the gears in all our machines are made of steel. As a result, Zumoval juicers are one of the strongest and most robust machines on the market.
The machines are totally maintenance free, easy to dismantle and easy to clean in less than 3 minutes.

Premium Quality
All Zumoval juicers are made with the highest precision and the best quality. Once assembled, 27 points are checked and only when the all the 27 points are ok, the machine will be carefully packed.

Zumovals juicers have a unique squeezing system, the so called Maximum Yield Squeezing System. This system squeezes the fruit vertically into two halves which are then squeezed by rotative pressure. This means that the maximum yield is obtained, without squeezing or touching the peel. As a result, the juice taste is perfect. Our MYSS stands for quality, optimal flavor and hygiene.

Digital 3.0
All our juicers models are equipped with a user friendly digital screen 3.0, which includes fruit counter, operating mode continuous our discontinuous, fruit selector, protection, energy saving, easy dismantling mode, automatic cleaning and full peel bucket indicator. Our easy to use digital screen makes juicing a happy moment.

Stainless steel self service tap
The Stainless steel self service tap is a robust tap, specially designed for self service all day long. The Tap is available on all models and is perfect for self service, filling bottles and cups. The easy to use automatic tap is connected with the motor of the machine. Open the tap and the machine starts running. Close the tap and the machine stops. Select your way of filling by turning the handle of the tap, continuous or discontinuous filling. The tap functions also as an anti dripping tap.


Zumoval juicers can squeeze any kind of citrus fruits of different sizes ranging from 40-95 mm. The different types of citris fruits we can squeeze are oranges, mandarins, limes, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit and pomegranates.

Zumoval offers the best quality and produces according to internationally standards. The following certificates have been obtained CE, ETL, NSF, GOST, ROHS, KC Mark, INMETRO, SASO, etc.

Self Cleaning shower system (see video)
Zumoval is the only manufacturer offering a cleaning shower system, which exists of 2 high pressure water outlets enable a quick and intense cleaning of the squeezing part, keeping the machine hygienic at any time. Additionally it saves cleaning time.

Optional Squeezing kits
Zumoval has in total 3 squeezing kits. 45-60 mm, 65-80 mm and 75-95 mm
With these kits you can squeeze any citrus fruits, such as; oranges, limes, lemons, pomegranates, tangerines and mandarines.